Why CrossFit 428?


Here at CrossFit 428,we pride ourselves on coaching and training CrossFit exclusively. 

If it is weight loss, elite fitness or just overall health and fitness you are after, we will guarantee the highest quality of training the Tampa Bay area has to offer.

At CrossFit 428 you will:

  • Train safely (learn injury prevention)
  • Get the guidance necessary to achieve results
  • Receive nutritional information that can help achieve optimal health and fitness
  • Reach your goals

CrossFit 428 also wants to know?

  • What are your fitness goals
  • Are you interested in racing (5ks,10ks,triathlon,etc.)
  • Looking to lose weight, burn fat
  • How is your nutrition
  • How bad do you want it

We are very confident you will enjoy being a proud member of CF428.

Our Mission:

 CrossFit 428 promises a friendly and natural training environment suited for everyone. We strive on perfection and coaching with the highest standards. We will be mentors, coaches and life-long friends to everyone. We are dedicated to our family, our health and our community. We will not ask you to do what we have not already done. We will listen. We will push you hard but not break you. We will inspire. We will help make you the fittest person you can be. CrossFit 428 is not just our business it is our way of life.

CrossFit Kids

 Mobility WOD


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